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I was in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and it was about 1977. I was in a band playing some gigs down there and we had some down time, so our “manager” said we could pick up some extra money being roadies for this band called “Hot Pockets” no lie that was their name!

So…he took us downtown to the Civic Center “which was the Omni then” and we met the band and started hauling gear to a banquet room that was off the main building. So we’re in the service elevator with some of the band members, all of a sudden the drummer with a frown looks over at the guitar player and says: Hey Man, where’s Stacie? Then the guitar player says: God Damn it Bob, we’re not a Fucking Circus, we‘re a band!

Turns out that the Drummer was Bob Burns, the first drummer for Lynyrd Skynrd! And he traveled with this Mannequin named “Stacie” I was talking to the guitar player and asked, what’s up with the Mannequin? He said that Bob took it with him to every town and would stop at shopping malls to buy it clothes! So I asked, well is he “doing” it? He said: Man…..why did you put a thought like that in my head!!! We had just finished setting up all the gear, Bob walks in with “Stacie” under his arm and sets her up, Straightens her skirt, then sets her right next to himself on stage!

He was happy now! True Story!!!!!!!!


I am setting up a new section on the site. it’s gonna contain all YOUR real Road Crew Stories.

I need you to email me the full story of your adventures or mis-adventures on the road and i’ll post them on

It doesn’t matter if you are a sound guy, a lighting guy, a guitar player or whatever, as long as your story is fun and interesting.

If you have photos send them too.

Please remember that if you email me the stories, i am taking it as you giving me permission to publish them.