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I was both excited and scared about going to see Watchmen, as it had the potential to be amazing or really really sucky. I am a massive fan of the book and only last night realised that I first read it nearly 20 years ago. Of course being 11 I didn’t GET it but I enjoyed what I did understand. Years later I re-read it and again loved it. There is just so so much in it that no matter how many times you read it you will always find soemthing new in it.

I can understand why Alan Moore doesn’t want his name connected with the movie. Any attempt at converting his works into films have been, lets say, less than great. My favourite graphic Novel, V for Vendetta,was so mangled in the cinematic version that i almost left the cinema during the terrible Benny Hill scene. But I didn’t and I still bought the DVD cos V looked great even if the story was raped.

Zack Snyder’s (the director of Watchmen) version of frank Miller’s 300 was amazing. It took the comic and basically turned the static images into moving ones, more or less the same thing that Robert Rodriguezdid with Frank Miller’s other graphic novel series Sin City. These movies proved that a graphic novel doesn’t need a massive re-write to work on the big screen.

But Watchmen isn’t your typical graphic novel. It’s extremely dense, inter-woven, complicated and word count heavy. How would it be possible to compact all of Watchmen into a two hour film. Terry Gillinghamonce asked Alan Moore how would he approached doing Watchmen as a film. Alan Moore said he wouldn’t. Hopes where not improved when a leaked script showed that the ending had been dramatically altered too.

But Gillingham pulled out of the project and Watchmen went back into limbo. When Snyder took up the mental the Watchmen fan boys were split down the middle. Some said he would do it proud some said it was heresy. I personally thought, well, I hoped it could be great.

When I say the first trailer i was blown away and just couldn’t wait foir the movie to come out. The second trailer came out and my heart started racing. Then the movie was out but I was going to be able to see it for a few days. I tried my best to stay clear of any reviews that might taint my experience but some obvioulsy still filtered through. People weren’t too sure about the film. Some said that parts of it were good but over-all it wasn’t great. People said it wasn’t what they expected. But when I read Scott Kurtz’s twitter post saying he loved it, I knew there was still hope.

So, what did I think of it?

I fucking loved every single minute of it! It is the most amazing film I have seen in years. I might actually go so far as to say that it is my favourite film of all time, but i reserve my judgement on that until some time has passed and my excitement has wained slightly.

The film has every single key scene from the book, the characters have the same voices as the book, there was no stupid plot re-writes to spoil the story. The action is brutal, the effects amazing (well, apart from theVeidt’s pet GM Cat, which wasn’t great) and the editing perfect!

Rorschach movements as he jumps around as so good and use so sparingly that when he does move it really gives you the feeling of what a superhero would look like. In fact although none of the superheroes have really any super powers ( Apart from Jon who is more or less a Quantum God) they look like superheroes when they fight. You know that they are super human by the way they move and gesture. Excellent!

The soundtrack is great, they went with songs rather than instrumental film score music. It worked so well, adding a whole new layer to the story. really putting you back into the year 1985.

Guys, I enjoyed this movie so much that for the first time ever at a film end I would have easily started to watch it again from the beginning. Yea they changed the ending, and to be honest I am not sure why as it is more or less the same ending as the book. I guess it kind make more sense but not really. The idea is the same the blame is just different. Either way it didn’t spoil it for me.

I can’t wait to see this again. I can’t wait for the dvd release with all the extras and the Commentary.